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Anniversary Guide

It is tradition to give a gift to your partner or loved one or to a couple on their anniversary. Each wedding anniversary has a different material. Below we give you the traditional, modern, flowers and the gemstones relating from the 1st to the 75th wedding anniversary. which birthstone you and your friends are. Gemstone brooches make the perfect gift for that special anniversary present, click on the gemstone links to view perfect gift ideas.

Anniversary Year  Traditional Modern Flower  Gemstone
 1st Wedding Anniversary  Paper Clock Pansies  Fresh Water Pearls Gold
 2nd Wedding Anniversary  Cotton, Straw China Cosmos  Rose Quartz, Garnet
 3rd Wedding Anniversary  Leather Crystal, Glass Fuchsia  Crystal, Pearls
 4th Wedding Anniversary  Linen, Fruit, Flowers Electrical Appliances Geranium  Amethyst, Topaz
 5. Fifth Anniversary  Wood Silverware Daisies  Sapphire
 6. Sixth Anniversary  Iron, Sugar .Wood Calla lilies  Amethyst
 7. Seventh Anniversary  Wool, Copper Desk Set Jack-in-the-pulpit  Onyx
 8. Eighth Anniversary  Bronze, Pottery   Lace, Linen Clematis  Tourmaline
 9. Ninth Anniversary  Pottery, Willow Leather Poppies  Lapis Lazuli
 10. Tenth Anniversary  Aluminium, Tin Diamond Daffodils  Diamond
 11. Eleventh Anniversary  Steel Fashion Jewellery Morning Glories  Turquoise
 12. Twelveth Anniversary  Silk, Linen Colour Gems, Pearls Peonies  Jade
 13. Thirteenth Anniversary  Lace Furs, Textiles Hollyhock  Citrine
 14. Fourteenth Anniversary  Ivory Gold Jewellery Dahlia  Opal
 15. Fifteenth Anniversary  Crystal Watches Roses  Ruby
 20th Twentieth Anniversary  China, Platinum china Day Lily  Emerald
 21st Twenty First Anniversary   brass     lolite
 22nd Wedding Anniversary   copper    Spinel
 23rd Wedding Anniversary   silver plate    Topaz
 24th Wedding Anniversary   musical instruments    Tanzanite
 25th Wedding Anniversary  Silver Silver Iris  Silver
 30th Wedding Anniversary  Pearl Diamond Jewellery Sweet pea  Pearl
 35th Wedding Anniversary  Coral jade    Emerald
 40th Wedding Anniversary  Ruby ruby Nasturtium  Ruby
 45th Wedding Anniversary  Sapphire Sapphire    Sapphire
 50th Wedding Anniversary  Gold gold Violets  Gold
 55th Wedding Anniversary  Emerald emerald    Alexandrite
 60th Wedding Anniversary  Yellow Diamond diamond    Diamond
 75th Wedding Anniversary  Diamond Gold diamond gold    Diamond
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